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Frankford CDC Zoning Matters Meeting Reminder

Just a friendly reminder from the Frankford CDC that we will be hosting a presentation on the City’s proposed changes to the Zoning Code this coming Thursday, September 15th, at 6:30p at Frankford ARIA Hospital (4900 Frankford Avenue). City officials will also be discussing the Mayor’s 2035 Comprehensive Plan. We hope you can make it to this important meeting! Contact our offices at 215-743-6580 with any questions.

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  1. Would it not be more important to actually attend the hearing this Wednesday September 14th at 10:00 AM, Room 400 at City Hall?

    Green’s Changes to Zoning Code Will Protect Neighborhoods – Contact Council before Wednesday the 14th!

    This Wednesday City Council will hear testimony from Philadelphia Citizens on the passage of the Zoning Code Commission’s Preliminary Draft Report.  
    This is the document that will become Philadelphia’s new zoning code but the draft needs improving.  There are several areas that City Council members should  amend before sending it back to the ZCC.  
    Councilman Green has proposed amendments that will address many neighborhood concerns and we urge you to contact Councilmembers and ask them to  incorporate these proposed amendments into the Draft Report before sending it back to the Zoning Code Commission.   
    For example, the Green amendments:
    • Allow neighborhoods and communities to give input on special exceptions – you get a say on whether or not you want a methadone clinic or a bed and breakfast or a church in your neighborhood.

    • Puts the burden back on the applicant to prove that there is no safety, traffic or public nuisance.

    • Allows Community organizations to set their own boundaries, and removes the planning commission as the gatekeeper.

    Click Here: to view the full report from Councilman Green 
     Here is what you can do:  

    1.Click Here: to Contact your District and At-large Councilmembers to tell them you would rather have a new zoning code that includes the amendments proposed by Councilman Green. 

2. Attend the hearing this Wednesday September 14th at 10:00 AM, Room 400 at City Hall.
    3. Testify in favor of the amendments and urge Council to protect the neighborhoods they serve by adding the safeguards proposed by Councilman Green.  
    3. Please call and register with the Chief Clerk to testify on Wednesday. The number is 215-686-3410.  

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