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Hope4Philly Report

We had a really nice time. We got there about (Hope4philly) 10:15 and  they didn’t start registering people until 11, we were third or fourth in line. They had probably close to a thousand school bags, all of my children received one. They had hot dogs, pizza rolls, and a whole lot of different pastries. Then they had boxes upon boxes of Herr’s chips, every variety under the sun, and allowed people to take bags of each kind. My children grabbed up one bag of each kind available. They had a table of different over the counter medicines, and we were allowed to take three of whatever we needed off of the table. Each family was given  two bags of groceries. There were nurses there from major insurance companies doing health screenings. There was a table of clothing, shoes, and purses to go through. They had clowns, and bounce houses, and a raffle for the kids giving away games and bikes. There was free hair cuts, I got one for my son. It was really nice for the community and every volunteer there was extremely nice and professional.

After we left there we headed over to Grace Brethren Crossroads Church for the children’s olympics program and their clothing drive, and I was able to get more winter clothes for my kids.

Then we finished up the day at Overington where my daughter won first  place in her age group for her chalk art design. It was a busy but fun Saturday. I am going to shoot an e-mail to Hope 4 Philly to thank them for the event they had, and to the pastor of the church organizing the event in the area. I saw him in action and he was truly amazing. Living in Frankford these events truly are a blessing for those of us who do not have the financial means to provide for our families the way we should be able to.