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The Oaklands Update

We had a lot of good discussion about the property at Overington Park generated by this last post.  I was over there for the Art Under the Trees event and tried to get a picture to compare with one on Sandi Gammon’s web site.

This is one showing the entrance onto the site from Pilling Street.  The trees that sit on the street are just saplings.  The house is gone of course.  The driveway is about the same though.

This is the picture from last Saturday.  There is now a retaining wall and the tree on the street has grown quite a bit.


4 thoughts on “The Oaklands Update

  1. The back of the house is more grand then the front huh?

  2. To tell you the truth I’m not sure which is the back of the house. So much in that area would have been different when it was built. Is Pilling street the back or the front. Help me I don’t know.

  3. I believe the address was always recorded as Leiper St. But I agree, the back of the house facing Pilling St. was magnificent.

  4. 4606 Leiper! That’s the rear of The Oaklands. I never knew the Overington mansion was named The Oaklands until Sandi Gammon’s website. That is the coolest website! If you look at the pictures of the Overington’s on her site you can see the stone wall around the property that looks the same. Some of the tree’s in the pic’s are still there. All there pic’s are in front of the house. My favorite pic is of the snowy Oaklands. Thanks Gill for all this Overingtion talk. I feel like I know who there were.

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