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Draft PhillyRising Frankford Plan

Important happenings in Frankford! Manny Citron of PhillyRising (a project of the Managing Director’s office intended to fight blight & crime) has developed a draft action plan for Frankford. See below for his message that accompanies the plan, how to give your input, and the plan itself.


From Manny:

Hello everyone,

Thank you again for attending the Action Plan meeting last Wednesday. I apologize for the slight delay, however PhillyRising is excited to release the DRAFT Action Plan for Frankford!

Please take you time and review the file attached to this email. The next steps at this point will be a two-week window for initial review. After that time there will be a follow up Action Plan meeting to focus on the specific action items. I look forward to your thoughts and comments so please do not hesitate to contact me with suggestions for action items. Also, please feel free to share this document with any other interested community members.

Thank you,
Manny Citron
Assistant Managing Director
City of Philadelphia
Twitter @PhillyRisingMDO