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Movie Night in Overington Park

It wasn’t the best time of year for a movie outside but the location was wonderful! Friends of Overington Park, Tony Payton, EPIC, and the Frankford CDC hosted a great time in Overington Park last Friday night. The weather was clear but cold. The film started at 7 under a starry sky. Rango, a cartoon, was really about the spirt of the old west, no matter who you are or where you come from, people working together can change the world. Not a bad idea for the folks of Frankford to think about. It was a very good time, laughs from the adults came often, and the kids enjoyed the action and snacks. There were over 50 people attending the event, quite a success!

Next year we are hoping to host a summer movie night in our park. On a hot summer night, I think we can expect a big crowd. Thanks to all who came out, we had a wonderful time right here in our little corner of the world.

Diane K. Friend of Overington Park