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Food for the Body and Soul at Second Baptist Church!

Praise and Worship Team

My mother and I had the great pleasure of being invited guests of the Miller family (Paulette, in particular) at the 93rd Annual Pre-Women’s Day Breakfast held at the Second Baptist Church of Frankford on Saturday morning, October 29th. When we arrived, the cooks had already been busy in the kitchen from early that morning. The forecast for the day was rain changing to sleet and snow (yes, this was the end of October) yet the assembly in their Fellowship Hall was warm and welcoming. This breakfast leads up to Women’s Day (Nov. 6) which is a culmination of all their fundraising efforts for the Church. The Praise and Worship Team lent their voices singing songs to unite us all! Sister Dionne Greene, our Worship Leader, began the morning reminding us of God’s many gifts and blessings. Full of energy, she set the tone for the rest of our morning. Sister Shelly Robinson, in her reading of the Sacred Word, asked those gathered to unite in worship and service, no matter our differences. A good message to remember! We were warmly welcomed by Sister Eliza Fletcher! You believed that, though you were visiting, you were most assuredly invited to return!

Sister Joanie Briggs solo, “It’s Been A Mighty Good Day”, will stay with me always reminding me that no matter what has happened to me that day, it’s still been a good day! Sister Lavon Johns, introduced our guest speaker, her cousin, Licentiate Genene Jones. Licentiate means you possess a license. Her theme resonated with the assembled group that Christians provide service for the glory of God who is always there for us. Very devout and strongly dedicated to serving Jesus and His Father, she invited us to a life of Christian discipleship. Deaconess Marsha Jones blessed our food and Licentiate Jones also gave the Benediction. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast of fried fish, scrambled eggs, scrapple, bacon, sausage, home fries, cinnamon apples, grits, biscuits,  juice, coffee and danish.

I had the great pleasure to meet Reverend Marie Johns, also known as the “Mother of Second Baptist”.

Rev. Marie Johns, Licentiate Genene Jones, Lavon Johns

She is also the proud mother of 9 children and fondly remembers her husband, Wilmore, who passed two years ago. Deacon Johns was a Head Trustee for Second Baptist for many years.

The Chairlady of this event was Deaconess Pamela Hardy. The Co-Chairlady was Sister Venieta Briggs. Reverent Darrel R. Bradsbery is the Pastor of Second Baptist. All those involved with this event can be very proud of the program that was very moving and the food that was delicious!

We are blessed with many churches and many faiths in Frankford. Whatever your beliefs, this day served to remind all in attendance that we can unite with each other and serve each other well. We need more of that spirit, don’t we?