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Frankford Haunted History Tour 2011

A dark and stormy night

We were out of town for the tour this year but got back in time to stop by the Historical Society of Frankford to catch the meeting after.  It was gratifying to see all the people at the HSF.  I heard that there were so many people for the tour that they had to break it up into two different groups.  Everyone said they enjoyed seeing those places that the general public does usually get into.  I found the last group as they emerged from the Friends Meeting House.

Presentation by South Jersey Ghost Research

This year was a first in that the tour was sponsored by The Frankford Community Development Corporation (FCDC), the Historical Society of Frankford, St. Mark’s Church, South Jersey Ghost Research, the Grand Army of the Republic Museum and Library, and the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route Association.  Now that was some collaboration but it sure did work.  Thanks to all those for the effort involved.

Whether any spectral visions emerged, I will leave to the participants to divulge.