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Northwood Civic Meeting 11/15/2011

Northwood Civic Association

St. James Lutheran Church

4600 Pratt Street

**** Tuesday, November 15, 2011 **** 7:00 PM

AGENDA: Nomination of Officers – please volunteer and/or nominate Quality of Life Issues

Old Business

New Business

Bring a neighbor or two!

4 thoughts on “Northwood Civic Meeting 11/15/2011

  1. I’m going tonight!

  2. On NEAST: I read the “meeting” did not have enough membership to be considered a quorum.

    It is really a shame on how much the Northwood Civic Association deteriorated under the reign (I should say dictatorship) of Barry A. Howell.

    During his tenure, the NCA:
    did not adhere to the By-Laws;
    did not print or deliver any monthly flyers;
    did not keep minutes of the meetings;
    did not give any treasury reports;
    did not give any financial reports;
    did not give any details of how they obtained money or how it was spent;
    did not give 5 days written notice to membership in order to vote by ballot;
    did not keep track of authorized membership when taking a vote.

    The NCA & Mr. Howell did however often use a show of hands as a substitute for a legal vote. When pushing his own personal agenda, everyone in the room got to vote (including people from Juniata Park) as well as several people from “The Bridge” – got to vote.

    There is no record of it because there is no secretary to take the minutes.

    Howell used the Northwood Civic a his podium and made many promises that he never fulfilled:


    “The former longshoremen’s union boss said he’ll rely on his close ties to state Reps. John Taylor (R-177th dist.) and Payton and City Councilmen. …

    Howell helped engineer the departure of Menkevich and board member Len Williams. The rest of the board believed Menkevich ran disorganized meetings and was controlled by Williams. …

    During his one-year term, Howell will try to build membership. He vowed to attract 200 people to meetings, and told the membership that they should choose a replacement if he can’t accomplish that in a year. – Source:

    Should I have an axe to grind, as Barry Howell took every opportunity in attempting to belittle me with his Bullying via: Defamation, Libel, Slander & Falsehoods? I never retaliated by stooping to his level.

    I question myself who is the better Christian – he or me?

    I even approached Pastor Paul – asking him to intervene between Barry and myself and begged him not to allow Barry to use the House of God to defame me.

    Pastor Paul told me Barry was his best Bible student and making great progress.

    In retrospect, I now wonder about St. James Church – why there are Narcotic Anonymous meetings being held there twice a week and when did they start?

    I also wonder if that type of activity is permitted in the Burk Deed Restricted area?

    I thought about this article:

    End of an era
    By Tom Waring 06/22/2011 1:01 pm

    “It was back in 1972 that the Rev. Paul Andell arrived at St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church, at Castor Avenue and Pratt Street, as a young assistant pastor. …

    Each Sunday, there are four services, including a growing 12:30 p.m. Spanish service that started last fall.

    As Northwood’s demographics have changed, the church has also become a little more diverse.

    St. James hosts meetings for the Northwood Civic Association, Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous. It’s also the polling place for voters in the 23rd Ward, 10th Division.

    Over the years, more than $1 million has been spent for church renovations and improvements….”

    and this one:

    Page 7: COUNCIL NEWS
    CHURCH COUNCIL elected as its officers,  
    Rhodie Fowler, President;  
    Barry Howell, Vice President;  
    David Foster, Treasurer of Special Funds.   
    Eva Parisi and Dee Neverson, Recording and Corresponding Secretaries, pro tem,and Carol Thrasher, Treasurer, pro tem.   
    Congratulations and our prayerful support.

    In the end, I suppose that the apathy has really consumed Northwood.

    Who Cares?


  3. Man you’re ridiculous; I’ve never seen someone so hung up and spiteful of another person because they were ousted as President of a neighborhood civic. Find a hobby or at least do something useful other than trying to bash people in an attempt to make yourself seem superior. It’s hard to believe how many years this has been going on from a ‘grown man’. If I didn’t know better I would think the posts were from a 12 year old girl who had her boyfriend stolen away. Too many people would like to help this neigborhood but are embarrassed to affiliate themselves because of the childish antics you expose them to.

  4. Sad Sad,Sad I must have done something wright ,This NCA.Pres.Emurtius can’t get over me !!! .Pleace get some help ,there has to be a self-help program for civic pres. hu got thrown out because no-body liked them ,BOO HOO I’m moveing on BARRY

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