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Frankford and Northwood Civics Both Change Presidents

At last month’s Frankford Civic Association meeting Pete Specos announced that Alice Henry, the President, had to stop down for personal reasons.  Last Tuesday night, Barry Howell, President of the Northwood Civic Association, presided over his last meeting as President.  He is not running for reelection so that he can devote more time to his duties at St. James Lutheran church.

Pete Specos will be acting as President at Frankford Civic.  Joe Krause has been nominated for President of Northwood Civic, with no opposition.  We wish the new presidents of these vital organizations the best of luck.

Chris Wink over at gave a detailed account of the Northwood meeting.  Check it out here.

We wish Barry Howell the best.  His energy in working for the Northwood Civic has been greatly appreciated by many in the community.

Ron Holliman

We will miss Alice Henry with her congenial charm and long time dedication to Frankford.  Alice, you are not abandoning Frankford at all.  You have made it a better place by your work and now its time to let others take over.  Take care and keep in touch.

One last word on a man who I meet every month at the Northwood Civic Association meeting.  He is Ron Holliman the night Sexton at St. James.  He always has a smile and kind word and I have been threatening to take his picture for the last year.  So here you are Ron.

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  1. Gil Thank you for your kind words,Is all Ihave to think now is what name to us,either Pres. Emurtius or Dictator Emurtius,or just stick with Barry,I think Barry sounds pretty good .Thank You BARRY

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