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EPIC Stakeholders Meeting 11/17/2011

The EPIC meetings are always interesting but this one was the best that I have attended.  There was representation from every segment of Frankford which made it a very productive gathering.  Below are some of the highlights:


  • Manny Citron made the presentation for PhillyRising.  He explained the Frankford Action plan and made available copies for those who had not seen it.
  • There is 311 Neighborhood Liaison training available to Frankford residents.  A 311 liaison is a person who has had training on the 311 system and has log on privileges.  That person can act as a local neighborhood contract in resolving 311 issues.  It will be held on December 5th.  If you are interested you can contact Manny at 215-605-0853.
  • He also explained the tree planting initiative in Frankford which is intended to replace dead or missing trees.  A survey will be conducted by neighborhood groups and the trees will be planted in the Spring.
  • Kim Washington talked about the EPIC strategic plan.  We are about half way through the fiscal year at this point.
  • Copies of the EPIC Community Advisory Committee by laws were distributed
  • There will be a 2012 EPIC Min Summit held at the Frankford Boys and Girls club on April 14th.
  • A Youth Engagement Summit will be held on November 29th.


Northeast EPIC Stakeholders

A discussion was started about the attendance of a police representative at the EPIC meetings.   It also came up that the EPIC should be represented at the PDAC  (Police District Advisory Council) meetings.   One member volunteered to take that assignment.  Pete Specos suggested that it might be possible to combine the monthly PSA meeting with the EPIC meetings.  Manny Citron will make contact with the police to see if it can be done.  That would give more citizens access directly to the police than presently attend the PSA meetings.

Also the EPIC had on its strategic plan for this year a college tour for local high students.  That would give the students the opportunity to see what college really looks like since many of the kids have no experience in their families with higher education.  The Frankford Boys and Girls club runs a similar tour and plans to combine those two efforts for next year were suggested.

Future events:

  • December – Christmas toy drive and dinner
  • January – 3 job readiness workshops
  • March – Women’s History Month recognition ceremony
  • April – Mayor’s annual cleanup and Luv Your Park event
  • May – American Legion Post 224 Day
  • May – Memorial Day Ceremony

Next Northeast EPIC Stakeholders meeting will be on December 29th at 5:30 PM at Aria Health, Frankford.

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  1. Combining meetings between different groups is a great idea Pete. It seems there are meetings every other day for one group or another. A lot more can be accomplished when everyone works together and people are out accomplishing things instead of talking about what could be; especially since it’s usually the same people at every meeting.

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