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Better Know a Frankford Business: S & A Cleaners

Herb Frayer has been in Frankford all of his life. He was born and raised here, and twelve years ago he opened up his own dry cleaning business, S & A Cleaners, at 4935 Frankford Avenue. Herb does more than just dry clean, however: he mends and tailors clothing and sells boots and jewelry. He even delivers! And he always has specials and discounts if you pay in advance or work for the City, SEPTA, or Frankford ARIA Hospital.

Herb started work as a presser in the late 1980s, and soon started his own side business. He would mend and press clothes for his own customers after work, and then take the bus to deliver the shirts, dresses and suits. By the late 1990s, he was ready to open up his own shop – and what better place to do so than Frankford.

Running his own business has its rewards and challenges, as Herb will tell you. He takes pride in his work, and loves making his customers happy. For Herb, there is nothing better than having a customer stop back in the shop with prom or wedding pictures featuring happy clients wearing perfectly tailored clothes. And Herb can meet tight deadlines. He once fitted an entire wedding party, with eleven bridesmaids, in two weeks!

Stop by the shop or give Herb a call at (215) 744-3390. He’s open from 8:00a to 6:00p Monday through Friday, and 9:00a to 5:00p on Saturdays. You’ll get great service and great stories about Frankford’s history. Ask him to tell you about his Mother’s background – Sarah Frayer was the first minority to purchase a home in Frankford, where she still lives today – while you peruse his shop or wait for your perfectly pressed clothes. You won’t be sorry you did.