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Frankford Civic Associaton Meeting 1/5/2012

The January 5th meeting of the Frankford Civic was very well attended with over 25 people in the conference room on the 2nd floor at Aria Health.  There were 3 zoning issues on the agenda for the meeting.

The owner/residents of the house at 1619 Haworth Street were seeking approval for modifications made after a fire in the building.  The Board voted to approve their application.

1619 Haworth Street

The owner and architect of the building at 4134 Orchard Street are looking to convert unused warehouse space into 2 new apartments.  The board voted to approve the application.

413436 Orchard Street

The attorney for the owner of 4325-27 Frankford Avenue appeared to present a case for the legalization of the second floor of the building as a boarding house.  The owner purchased the property about two years ago with the boarding house in operation but L&I inspected and cited it for violations so it was closed down.  Those in attendance unanimously agreed that the block is over served by the number of rooms available to single people utilizing the various recovery programs and that adding another would not be an asset to the community.  The board voted to oppose the application.  The owner is free to apply for another use for the second floor of the property.

There were no words spoken against the folks who need recovery services.  Everyone agrees that those services are a necessity in the age we live in.  The issue is that Frankford has more than enough housing for those needing the services.

4325-27 Frankford Ave.

The next meeting of the Frankford Civic Association will be held on February 2nd at Aria Health.