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Northwood Civic Meeting Coming Up on January 17th

From the Northwood Civic Association:

Northwood Civic Association

St. James Lutheran Church

4600 Pratt Street

**** Tuesday, January 17, 2011 ****

7:00 PM



Neighborhood Reinvestment

What made you move or stay in Northwood?

Make an impact in our neighborhood

Bring a neighbor and be a part of the process!


11 thoughts on “Northwood Civic Meeting Coming Up on January 17th

  1. I like the existential turn of the agenda with the new administration.

  2. Property issues a hot topic for Northwood Civic
    By Tom Waring 9 hours 48 minutes ago

    Neighbors at last week’s Northwood Civic Association meeting discussed a few topics — a used-car lot at Castor Avenue and Bridge Street and a couple of property issues in Frankford.

    But the presence of former president Joe Menkevich guaranteed a lively meeting.

    Menkevich served as president until 2007 and had a close ally in board member Len Williams. However, the other officers and board members faulted the duo for the way meetings were run and other supposed shortcomings.

    Menkevich and Williams resigned before the board could impeach them, with the then-vice president announcing, “Our long nightmare is over.”
    Williams died in 2008. Menkevich generally stayed away from the monthly meetings.

    However, the former leader attended the Jan. 17 meeting to outline reasons that the organization, in his view, is losing its way.

    Menkevich cited a failure to produce a treasurer’s report and read the minutes of previous meetings.

    He believes the association should pay more attention to its bylaws and boundaries and not ignore what he contends is an illegal group home in the neighborhood. And he pointed to dwindling attendance at civic meetings.

    Joe Krause, the newly elected president, tried to limit Menkevich’s comments.

    “Don’t pull a Barry Howell on me,” Menkevich said, referring to the former president with whom he often feuds.

    Frank Bennett, the group’s new vice president, promised that there will be a treasurer’s report, committee reports, membership applications and other reforms implemented in the near future.

    “We’re about transparency,” he said.

    Menkevich walked to the front of the room to shake Bennett’s hand.
    Two people volunteered for vacant positions. If the board approves, Tom McAvoy will be the new treasurer and Walter Mellbourne will become secretary.

    At one time, Menkevich vowed to never help the association again.
    “I’m reversing myself,” he said, adding that he plans to find new-neighbor welcome packets left over from his presidency and bring them to next month’s meeting.

    Northwood Civic Association will meet again on Tuesday, Feb. 21, at 7 p.m., at St. James Lutheran Church, at Castor Avenue and Pratt Street. ••

  3. Joe Menkevich will be allowed to speak at meetings just as everyone else will, and everyone will be limited to the time they get, not just Joe. He will be given the same respect as everyone else at the meetings, but we will not waste time on past personal feuds and subjects not related to the benefit of the group. We are moving forward and will do our part in improving the neighborhood for everyone. Joe M’s knowledge of the neighborhood and the city needs to be shared and if he chooses to do that at NCA meetings then it is welcome. A procedure for an organized productive meeting will be followed, but criticism and comments about how things were done in the past are useless and serve no purpose.

  4. Just to inform the Public, I need to write to Tom Waring and ask for a correction in his article.

    I believe that according to the by-laws, in absence of having enough people to form a quorum in order to hold an election it is appropriate to appoint an acting president and vice president.

    Since there was never an election held by the NCA (only nominations), Joe Krause is “acting president” and Frank Bennett is “acting vice president” having been appointed by the Board of Directors.

    That being said there will be controversy unless I see an accounting of the the inflows and outflows from the NCA’s treasury for the last several years showing where the money came from and how it was spent.

    I do not just want someone to blurt out some dollar amount and then tell all dissenters to sit down & shut up – that will not do.

    And one other thing – I find it rather arrogant on your part in posting on this message board, stating who is welcome and who may exercise a fundamental right which is granted by the Constitution.


    “If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind.

    ‘And this position is maintained not solely or chiefly on the ground of injustice to the person holding the obnoxious opinion, but because the forcible suppression of it would do even greater injustice to those who conscientiously reject it. For if the opinion be true, its establishment and dissemination would benefit mankind; and even if it be false, it is equally important it should be freely made known, inasmuch as it would contribute to ‘the clearer perception and livelier impression…’ ” – John Stuart Mill

  5. “Joe Menkevich will be allowed to speak at meetings just as everyone else will”…SOUNDS to me like I said everyone is allowed to speak. “He will be given the same respect as everyone else at the meetings”…SOUNDS like you’re given a promise of being treated fairly. “Joe M’s knowledge of the neighborhood and the city needs to be shared and if he chooses to do that at NCA meetings then it is welcome.”…SOUNDS like I was being nice and honest about what you offer….So where’s the problem now, do you look for controversy in everything?

  6. Joe Krause:

    It sounds like you have missed my points.

    I am demanding to see an accounting of the the inflows and outflows from the NCA’s treasury for the last several years, which show all expenditures including where the NCA’s money came from, including how & where the money was spent.

    As far as you granting me the Constitutional Right to speak – so I do not need any permission from you.

    My answer to you is the same answer a former Slave gave to his former Master:

    Just have the all financial records at the next meeting and available for inspection.


  7. Financial records will be available for all paid members.

  8. Joe Krause:

    Do you really think: I will allow you to do a “Barry Hawler” on me?

    You stood by his side for 2 years – Mute – Deaf – like a wooden Indian outside a cigar store & Dumb.

    Are you still dumb?

    At the last meeting, I made it clear: produce the records.

    I am demanding the records.


  9. Bored with you already.

  10. N.W. Sorry I missed the last meeting,looks like there’s gonna be some action,I’ll be back .I ‘ll show everybody who is realy DUMB .And I’ts not the pres.of NWCA ,I’ts the dope’s who keep running there mouth’s about everyone else who’s doing a good job helping there civic to make NW a betterplace to live.J.M. took all his advice from that fed.judge he was as crazyas they come,it’s sad a drunk wispering how smart he is in one ear a crazy judge tellin him he should be the real pres. of NW . I’ll have some real things to say now that I don’t rep. NW anymore and paper work to back it up. Also the big dope better get his property cleaned up ,IT’S A DISGRACE. I’LL be back BARRY

  11. OMG!!! Here we go again………..

    It’s no wonder why people don’t want to get involved in Northwood/Frankford – they quickly become disguisted of the antics of a few people who are constantly undermining and making demands of organizations that frankly are not that important. I would not want to get involved with a group whose membership is immature and can’t let go of the past – I’m sure the New President of Northwood Civic Association is in for a tough ride based upon what I’m reading in this and other blogs. I don’t envy you for taking the position as President.

    This has had me thinking about people who gave up the cause because of the behavior of others in Frankford and/or Northwood. I wonder whatever happened to the people who tried to “bring back” the area only to throw their hands up in the air and walk away from not only community involvement but also moved away from the community. I came up with a list of people who just disappeared from the community and wonder where they are now: Kevin Phelan,(Art Studio Owner), Connie DeLaury (Original Frankford Plan), Gary Ross (Lion Theater), Ken Ruch & Steve Culbertson and countless others from the FGM, Paul Schrenk (FHS Alumni Association), Kate Clarke (Frankford CDC), the two women who owned the coffee shop on Frankford Avenue, Former Northwood President Grace Mueller, Steve Blackburn and countless others not to mention the new business that came and. If I were to sit and think this list would be much longer – these are the names that popped into my head. I also have thought about has remained and active in the community and can only come up with three names, Mike Galdi, Marie Delany and Linda DeSouza. Very sad that such a thriving area not so long ago, can now come up with only three names of people who are actually still living in the community and are active in the community.

    I’m trying very hard to be politically correct but I think it’s time for someone to look into a mirror, assess yourself for being a person who CAN make a change for the betterment of Frankford/Northwood and throw down your dager and sword against certain people you do not agree with. I would think the person I am referring to and his “arch enemy” could be a driving force to bring the area back to what it needs to be in this day, if only they could get along. Ask yourself this question sir – Do you want to be known as a person who drives people away from Frankford/Northwood and the wonderful organizations it has to offer because you can’t and/or refuse to get along with people for the sake of a commom goal and keep rehasing ancient history or do you want to be known as a person who can work with others to achieve the goal of betterment for the Frankford/Northwood community? The choice is yours – I only hope that you will choose the last situation and become more open minded especially when dealing with individuals you don’t agree with – Please remember you can make a difference if you can only put aside your feelings and let history stay as history. Unfortunately from what you have written , I don’t see you giving up your resentment towards others. Mark my words Sir, one by one people will walk away from the organization and you and the organization will have a reputation that is not solid. Is that what you want for your beloved Northwood? Times change and people have to also change in order to make any organization a success and accept people and their differences. It’s ok to disagree but don’t take it public – Years of bickering back and forth have spotted the Northwood Civic Association has tranished the reputation – I’m not sure there is enough polish to wipe away the hurt and anger from the years of turmoil in the Frankford/Northwood community – I can only hope. I’m not blaming just one person but feel too many people have “run out of town” because of the actions of a few. I look forward to continuing reading the Frankford Gazette and am hopeful to continue seeing good news about the area where I grew up and will always hold a special place in my heart for Northwood and Frankford.

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