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Frankford CDC Day of Career Shadowing with Frankford High Students

This past week, the Frankford CDC had the pleasure of hosting two Frankford High students as part of a job shadowing program being run through the 9th grade academy and the Student Success Center. We tried to give them a taste of the working world as best we could, the fun and the not-so-fun. They helped us fold copies of the February edition of the Frankford Gazette, and also got to head to City Hall with us to attend a press conference with the Mayor.
One of our favorite things at the CDC is meeting and becoming friends with Frankford residents of all ages, and we especially love opportunities to engage young folks in our community. We hope the Frankford High students we spent the day with gained more than just a better understanding of the working world and what it means to operate in an office setting; we hope through our conversations with them, and through their excellent questions, they gained a new appreciation for Frankford, and for trying one’s best to do for others and be a constructive and active participant in one’s community. After all, we know that we learned a lot from them.

Our special thanks to Frankford High, and to the students we had the pleasure of spending the day with!