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EPIC Stakeholders Meeting 2/23/2012

The EPIC Stakeholders meeting on the 23rd was once again packed with a large crowd.  The presentation by Chris Rhametulla of Pathways, PA on “Understanding your credit report” was informative to even those of us who thought we did understand our credit report.  He spent a lot of time answering specific questions from the audience.

Other speakers at the meeting were a State Trooper (sorry I missed your name) who was making it known that the Pennsylvania State Police are actively recruiting minority applicants.  Jim Stanton of American Paradigm Schools talked about their educational system and a proposal to take over Harding Middle School.  Netanel Portier talked about the Mural Arts program in Frankford.  Julie Slavet of the Tookany/Tacony – Frankford Watershed Partnership Inc. and Mike Verla of Rebuilding Philadelphia Together talked about their upcoming events.  Anbrose Liu of Arts Rising talked about the dedication of the Beautify Harding banners.

The next EPIC Stakeholders meeting will be held on March 29th at Aria Health.