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Better Know a Frankford Business: Soul Purpose

If you walk up and down Frankford Avenue these days, you will be surrounded by wonderful small businesses, and fantastic small business owners. But commerce is blooming off the Avenue in Frankford, too – and Terra Dukes is just one example.

Terra is a Soul Purpose Lifestyle Entrepreneur. What does that mean, you ask? Terra sells all natural products by Soul Purpose, including shea butter balms, sugar and salt scrubs, body lotions and gels, perfume essences, foot care (soaks, scrubs, etc), all natural soy candles, and more. Her products promote sustainability right down to the packaging, which encourages recycling. Even though you can get her goods through her website,, Terra loves to meet and get to know her customers. So don’t be surprised to find her at events in Frankford, or throughout the City.

Terra began working with Soul Purpose in 2007, but as she puts it: “I have always been interested  in beauty and body products and even more interested in products that are good for us. It is so important to be very particular to not only what we ingest into our bodies but equally concerned to what we apply on our bodies.  Also it is no surprise my name is ‘Terra’ which refers to the ‘Earth’.. And I know that the earth produces simply the best products for our bodies!”

Her goal for the coming years is to open a retail outlet, a venture the Frankford CDC is helping her pursue. And she would love to stay in Frankford, the neighborhood she considers her own. “I am a Frankford girl. I lived for some time on the 1300 block of Foulkrod. I still have good friends in Frankford, and I love to shop and frequent Frankford as much as possible. I love this community’s diversity. She has high hope’s for Frankford’s future, as well: “I hope to be part of the growth within Frankford, and I hope to see businesses thrive here. I want to offer and be part of a truly enjoyable shopping experience. I want my neighbors and those who will frequent Frankford to look forward to shopping here, I want to offer an outing for families to partake in.  To not only spend their money here  but to also spend some quality time and just socialize with one another.”

We at the Frankford CDC expect that while this may be your first time hearing about Terra, it will not be your last! So check out what she has to offer – Mother’s Day is coming up – and remember that there is more to Frankford than meets the eye. This neighborhood has many a hidden gem.