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H. R. Edmunds School is Hot Topic at Northwood Civic

On Tuesday night, the Northwood Civic Association discussed at length the repercussions of the impending conversion of the H. R. Edmunds elementary school to a charter school.  Members were updated on the recent public meeting by Renee Hudson.  Concern focused on discipline, school growth and who would run the new school.

In others news at the meeting, Joe Krause reported on his recent meeting with Northwood Academy Charter School.  Take away from that meeting is that the school will not be adding a high school but will be Kindergarten to 8th grade.  The top floor of the new building will be a gymnasium and the ground floor will house a cafeteria.  They are considering trying to acquire the lot on the other side of the street (Adams and Orthodox) for parking.

Joe Krause also reported on the Juanita Civic meeting he attended where it was reported that construction on the Bridge school on the property at Adams Avenue will begin within the next few months.  It was also noted the the owners of the property now occupied by the concrete company on Castor Avenue have a potential tenant for a new building that would be erected at that location.  PHMC is considering it for the location of an adult day care facility. No decision has been made.

Association member Al Stuhl raised the issue of a membership drive to recruit new members and also a web site for public information.

Minutes of the last meeting were read by Gina Panchella and the Treasurer’s report was delivered by Renee Hudson.  The next meeting of the Northwood Civic will be held at St. James Lutheran Church on April 17th at 7PM.

4 thoughts on “H. R. Edmunds School is Hot Topic at Northwood Civic

  1. I was very disappointed to read what what the Frankford Gazette reported occurred at the”Civic” meeting, as I had received an intelligence report indicating that the “minutes” or what has been reported as being minutes – did not occur until they were asked for from membership on the floor.

    My intelligence source controverts your story & says their was no treasurers report except to indicate that Northwood Civic had all the financial records from the previous administration and have not yet organized them.

    No proof was produced.

    Also reported – that there was not a quorum (a quorum was not necessary as there was no voting issues) – There were only about 14 people including board members & that is counting both NeastPhilly & the Frankford Gazette.

    There is no telling who were actually dues paying members.

    Also Frank Bennett was not in attendance.

    It would be nice to see the “Minutes” & “Treasurers Report” posted here as a convenience to the many people in Northwood who could not attend.


  2. I’m glad to see people who are not members have such a great interest in the meetings and what happens at them. Frank is a volunteer as are all the members of the group, and does more positive things for this neighborhood than some people who are only out to try and bring people down with their ridiculous conspiracy theories and grade school bickering. It’s a neighborhood organization out to do positive things for the betterment of all in the community; it’s not a covert group of radicals looking to take over the city. Grow up already.

  3. Bravo nw resident!!! This could not be said any better. For those who are going through life with blinders on (and I hope there are not many involved with Northwood Civic), from what I’m reading here and other blogs – seems to me like someone is gearing up to make a run for President of the Association – Heads up folks! Just a request for the current officers and board members of the NWC – Let’s not turn back the clock to the 50’s – that’s what you will be doing if a former President is re-elected. A bold move was made a few years back – just remember those days before “the incident”. Just a thought – It’s a shame the former President needs to have a “spy” in the meetings – how immature can we get folks? It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out who the spy is. Read past posts and it’s quite easy to figure out – would it not be less obvious if a different person attended who no one would suspect to be the spy? It’s times like this it makes me glad to be out of Northwood and away from the people who ruined it by having their own agenda and posting negativity on blogs all hours of the day and night. Good Luck current officers and Board of Directors – I have a feeling you are all going to need all the luck you can get!!!

  4. As a member of the school advisory counsel charged with overseeing the charter turnaround process, my first involvement began when I attended the open meeting last March. This counsel was open to any community member or parent interested in participating. Where was the representative from Northwood Civic during our weekly meetings over the last several weeks?

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