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Clean Up Day in Frankford

I took a tour around the neighborhood today to see all the people and groups involved in the big cleanup.   I found a couple of guys over at the old Y sweeping and bagging.  They had their work cut out for them. Then down at Overington Park there was a good sized group including the Frankford High Junior ROTC sprucing up the park.  As I left I met Tim Savage and James Clay bringing in some pretzels for the gang there.

Next I went down to McIlvain Playground.  SEPTA people had already hit it and bagged the debris and set it along the curb for pickup.  Off to that little park at Tackawanna and Meadow Streets.  I met Kim Washington, Tony Payton and John Loftus and a flock of kids from City Year.  I finally got up to Wilmot Park and found things well under way there.

From the West Frankford Town Watch, “Members of the 62nd ward joined the city in cleaning up parts of the city. The area we cleaned was Bridge and Marlow Streets.”

The slideshow below gives some highlights.