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Frankford Nature Walk

There will be a nature walk on Monday May 14th at Cedar Hill Cemetery.

Dr. David Hewitt will be leading the walk.  He is from the Academy of Natural Sciences and a member of the Philadelphia Historical Plants Consortium.  I was on a tree walk with Doctor Hewitt last year and it was high adventure.  He is entertaining and at the same time highly informative.  He knows everything about anything you see.  The walk will start at the entrance to the cemetery on Cheltenham Avenue.  You can see more information here.

He gave a great talk last night to a crowd of about 30 at the Historical Society on the natural history of Frankford.  His presentation was really a verbal picture of this area going back to before the first settlements.   He uses information from the archives of the Natural History Museum to look back in time at Frankford. He knows his stuff.  If you have time on Monday, stop by and wear your walking shoes.

Below some pictures of the meeting at the HSF.