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Frankford CDC Update

Almost a year ago, the Gazette published a guest post from the Frankford CDC detailing our efforts and future plans. A lot has happened since the writing of that piece, and so much of it has been positive.

First and foremost, our offices now house a computer lab free and open to the public, thanks to PhillyRising, Temple University’s Computer Recycling Center, and Aria Health. We were thrilled that Mayor Nutter came out to Frankford to dedicate the lab, and that over 80 different individuals so far have made their way to our offices to take advantage of this great new resource. And we’ve only just begun to use the lab to its fullest potential: we offered free computer training classes just a few weeks ago as part of Philly Tech Week, in partnership with State Representative Tony Payton and the People’s Emergency Center. In the coming months and years, we plan to continue hosting workshops and classes, and to keep spreading the word about the lab.

We have also launched several new programs in the last few months, including a partnership with Aria Health to spotlight the businesses along the Avenue and an initiative with NorthEast Treatment Centers to keep the Avenue clean. We’ve also partnered with Frankford High School to organize a roundtable with some of our community’s best food entrepreneurs – bringing business owners in direct contact with budding ones.

In addition, FCDC has markedly stepped up our communications efforts, to great success we believe. Our facebook and twitter accounts are updated constantly, aimed at creating buzz about Frankford. We also consistently post videos on our YouTube channel, and recently created a Pinterest page to again highlight Frankford’s many assets. We firmly believe we have generated interest in our community through our marketing campaign, and will have some exciting partnerships to announce before the end of the summer.

The CDC is also in the midst of planning its special events for the coming summer and fall: a community health fair with Aria Health and Health Partners, a re-reading of the Declaration of Independence at Womrath Park, another series of Second Saturday arts festivals, and an even more haunting Haunted History Tour. Stay tuned for dates, times and locations. We’d love your input as we plan these events, and we’d love to hear ideas for future ones!

Even as we expand our scope of services, we are still focused on small business development and attraction. Over the last year we have brought two new businesses to Frankford, and are working strategically to bring several more. Our increased media presence is intended in part to help bring shoppers and new business owners to the Avenue, and we believe we are having an effect.

We at the Frankford CDC love what we do, from working with wonderful small business owners to planning events and forging larger development projects. And we love talking to as many people as possible about Frankford and our plans. So don’t hesitate to contact us at 215-743-6580, or to stop by our offices at 4900 Griscom Street.

A better Frankford, and a better Philadelphia, will not come about unless we all get involved.