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Great Program Coming up at the Historical Society

Flags of the Confederacy and the Civil War

Philadelphia Flag Day Association

Michael Axelrod, Vice President for Educational and Development

Tuesday, 12 June 2012 – 7:00pm

Historical Society of Frankford

1507 Orthodox Street, Philadelphia, PA 19124

Join the Historical Society of Frankford and the Philadelphia Flag Day Association for ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE on this “War Between the States” (“War of Southern Independence,” “War of Northern Aggression,” “Freedom War”. . .) through a display of FLAGS OF THE CONFEDERACY, presented by the Philadelphia Flag Day Association, which has a collection of over 200 historic American Flags and Banners.

Also, view the rare examples of CONFEDERATE MONEY and BONDS, a CSA Buckle, Books (The Society’s J Friend Lodge Collection), and Letters with ORIGINAL SIGNATURES of ROBERT E LEE, JEFFERSON DAVIS, STONEWALL JACKSON, P.G.T. BEAUREGARD – along with WEAPONS and other items from the Society’s vast Library and Museum collections.

Did you know that Frankford provided more recruits for the Civil War than any other town of its size in America?

 As this is the Society’s Annual SPRING SOCIAL, members and guests are invited to bring refreshments (sweet or savory) to share.