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Jackie Goes Back in Time

The Frankford CDC’s lovable mascot Jackie took a tour of the neighborhood and ended up going back in time… Unfortunately he didn’t meet the original Frankford Yellow Jackets, his namesake, but see for yourselves what sort of mischief he got in to!


1 thought on “Jackie Goes Back in Time

  1. Oh boy, I wish that Jackie had visited the Historical Society of Frankford before setting out on his historical adventure! The Library history goes like this: The land was donated by Thomas Comly Hunter ( his name is also connected to the Frankford School of Nursing, Frankford Hospital, Central Methodist Church, and Historical Society of Frankford). It was originally a Carnegie Library (built 1906), but it was torn down and replaced with the newer and current library (in the 1950’s or 60’s). As far as the Civil War Hospital, that was at the Frankford Arsenal and was recently torn down to make way for new stores.

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