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Northwood Security

On July 1st residents of Northwood hired a private security service in a small test area of the neighborhood. The small area involved has had tremendous support by residents who will pay for this service on a monthly basis; the more residents involved the lower the fees per household. Eventually, depending on participation, the service will cover the whole Northwood neighborhood 24/7 for only a few dollars per home. The service will deal mainly with quality of life issues; they have already cleared the Northwood Park area and adjacent streets of the prostitutes who park here with their ‘customers’. This will be an ongoing battle but eventually they’ll get the message that they are unwelcome in Northwood. The main purpose of the service is to provide a constant presence in our neighborhood and to have an alert professional observe and document the neighborhood for suspicious activity. There are numerous other services that are being provided all of which will be explained at the Northwood Civic Associations general meeting on July 17th.

The presentation will be hosted by Harry Mearing who operates the service. I contacted the 15th district and spoke with Captain Bachmayer to briefly describe the service and its purpose.  We requested an officer from the 15th district be present at our meeting so all the details of the service can be heard first hand. Participation in the PSA and Town Hall meetings is still a vital step in preserving the character and safety of our neighborhood. Residents should attend these meetings as the information provided to the officers has helped get attention to areas of concern. Any residents of Northwood who would like to participate in this service can contact Harry Mearing at 267-347-3775; or attend the meeting on July 17th.

Joe Krause-President Northwood Civic Association