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Better Know A Frankford Artist: Rachel Citrino

For this month’s edition of “Better Know a Frankford Business”, we turned to one of Frankford’s many assets, Globe Dye Works, a large industrial complex repurposed  for artist and artisan lofts. Over twenty tenants call Globe home, and some of the most exciting work in the entire City is being done in this space just a couple blocks away from the commercial corridor.

Rachel Citrino is one of the many talented artists with studio space at Globe. Rachel grew up in Tacony and Frankford in the late  40s-50s, and comes from a long line of artists: her grandfather was a photographer, and her father was a painter. Her family history seemed to have pulled her towards Globe, as well. Before her father passed away, the family lived behind his shop/studio on Church Street, just a few blocks from Globe Dye Works. When her mother remarried, the family moved to Worth Street, where Globe is located.

Rachel credits her father for her initial interest in the arts. As she says, “Watching my father work on paintings on a daily basis was probably where I first became excited about the behavior of color. Over fifty years of exhibitions behind me, I am still excited about color and it’s alchemy.”

After living in New Jersey with her husband for 25 years, she returned to the City about two years ago and quickly found space at Globe. And GALLERY B102 is not just a studio, either: “I created a gallery space, GALLERY B102, to serve my curatorial projects. I make the exhibit space available to artists who want to mount their own show or installation and mentor their efforts. In addition to showcasing my own works, I hope to contribute to the community by making it affordable for independent artists to show their work.”

Some exciting exhibits are in the works for GALLERY B102: From October 13th through November 3rd, GALLERY B102 will host “an installation of paintings and mixed media art as well as an interactive Day of the Dead Alter” by Frankford High graduate, Emma Gardner. Emma’s work will also be featured in Rachel’s Philadelphia Open Studio Tours exhibit on October 20th and 21st. Rachel’s own work will be on sale in October and November, in time for the holidays.

Globe, and its tenants like Rachel, are helping to keep the arts alive here in Frankford – and Rachel’s excited to be a part of it and to help it grow in the years to come. We encourage you to visit Globe if you haven’t had the chance – witness all of the positive energy and talent right in our own backyard.