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Better Know a Frankford Business: A Class Act Computer Repair

Normally we spotlight businesses already up and running along the Ave, but we at the CDC come across so many talented individuals just getting started. We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight one of those entrepreneurs, Marc Gunn, who is in the process of starting A Class Act Computer Repair right here in Frankford. Marc specializes in computer repair and training for both small businesses and individuals, and aims to build a business with a reputation as specialized, dependable, professional, and affordable. And he’ll come to your residence or place of business as an added measure of convenience! As he says, “Giving affordable, honest, and professional service is something everyone wants, and that is me.”

Marc’s love of technology stems back more than thirty years, when he and his brother purchased a commodore 64K. His brother became a computer programmer, while Marc originally entered the industry as a salesman, eventually learning the technical side of the business. Marc’s real joy is helping others realize their own potential through learning about all of the various new technology that’s changing our world in new and exciting ways each and every day.

Marc is a native New Yorker whose career took him to Philadelphia. He’s been in the Frankford area for years, and is committed to using his talent and new business to help further build our community. His goal is to open a small office space along the Avenue, and eventually be able to serve the entire Frankford area.

Starting any small business is an exciting and challenging journey, and we at the CDC love doing our best to help make a hardworking entrepreneur’s dream a reality right here in Frankford. We also believe that Marc’s story is a particularly important one to spread – we come across so many individuals who want to start a business in Frankford, and it’s important that we all let everyone we can know about the entrepreneurial energy that already exists in our community, even if some of that energy might not be so obvious to the naked eye.


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