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Haworth Street Tops the PSA1 Meeting This Month

Tenant issues on Haworth Street were a major topic of discussion at the PSA1 meeting on September 26th.  Noise, disorder and threats have been hurled at some residents. Suggestions on what to do about the issued by Lt. Wood and some of the other participants at the meeting.

Other issues discussed:

  • Lt. Wood passed out information on Operation ID from the PPD.  This program tells residents how to mark the valuables with labels supplied by the PPD.  It is a deterrent to burglary since it makes it very difficult to sell the items at the local pawn shop.
  • The 4600 block of Griscom continues to be quieter than it has been.  Drugs are still being sold but much of the other quality of life issues have improved.  The police did arrest two men in the most recent murder on the block of a young woman.
  • The 900 block of Foulkrod has been cleared of the many cars that were stored there for sale.
  • Problem with the drug sales out of the vacant building behind Sugar and Spice in the 1600 block of Foulkrod continue.  This has been discussed at previous meetings.

The next PSA1 meeting with be on October 24th at 7PM at Aria Hospital.