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Northwood Frankford Community Y


Kristy Schneider writing to you all from the Board of the Y.

As you may already know, the New Frankford Community Y (NFCY) has a new team with new ideas. Well, that team recently sat down to discuss the Y and it was decided that since we are trying to make a fresh start, it only makes sense that the Y should also have a new name, slogan, and logo!

Part of our vision for the Y is to have a community place where people can come together with their families, friends, and community members to exercise and be healthy, to learn and discuss, to share and meet, and we think it is only right to say it loud and clear! Therefore, the New Frankford Community Y has now been changed to the Northwood Frankford Community Y. Where Family and Community Come Together (still NFCY).

Just a reminder: We are still looking for donations and for people to get involved!

We are asking you to like the facebook page at and send us an email or call us with questions or concerns.

We are on a slow and steady path. We really need to continue to raise money! Don’t worry, your donation is tax-deductible. On the plus side, we have raised enough funds to have the electric turned back on! So, we are making progress.

We also intend to have a table at the Holiday Craft Fair coming up at St. Mark’s Church on 12/16 and we hope to see you there!

Thanks for reading.