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Better Know a Frankford Business: How Terra Dukes Works Her Magic

A few months ago we profiled Frankford entrepreneur, Terra Dukes, whose home made, all natural beauty products have been impressing us for over a year now. We’ve been curious about how she makes her sugars and balms, and thought it was high time we take you behind the magic. Terra’s quite the talent, experimenting frequently with quantities and ingredients, and is always perfecting her craft!

To make her sugar scrubs, Terra uses sugar along with salts and oils. And we’re not just talking any salts and oils: there might be anything from Pink Himalaya to dead sea salt in your sugar scrub, combined with a whole variety of essential oils. Then, in her secret laboratory, she’ll add a fragrance to the mix so her customers will have more than just healthier skin that feels great. Curious as to what goes in to her fragrances? Essential oils!

Terra has also started to dabble in balms (and may even start making her own lotions, so stay tuned), and we wanted to know how she makes them, too! Butters are the foundation for her balms – and are a natural way to keep your skin young. Then she tosses in some olive oil, vitamin E, beeswax, and fragrance, and double boils the whole mixture. The beeswax keeps the balm solid, and you can use as much or as little as you want.

With new years resolutions still fresh in all of our minds, Terra’s products are an easy way to make 2013 a year of self-care and relaxation – and did we mention that they’re good for you too?! We know that Terra’s going places in the years to come, so be a part of her journey with her!