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Moss Family From Philadelphia

Any help for the reader who sent me this email?
Hello, I’m hoping that you may have something in your archives that would help me a great deal.
My Gr.Gr. Grandfather William Archer Moss came from England to Philly in 1900 with his wife and 5 sons. They settled in the Frankford/Kensington/Coopersville area of Philadelphia where he was a member of the Coopersville Yearly Beneficial Assn., the Aberle Yearly Beneficial Assn., and L.O.O.M. Lodge #54, until his death Nov. 1st, of 1915.
I’m trying to possibly locate a group photo of any of these organizations from 1910 to 1915. If not in your archives maybe you can tell me if any of these organizations still exist and share their contact info with me.
Moss A.A. at Cheltenham and Torresdale Aves. was named after William’s grandson (my grandfather’s cousin), Victor A. Moss. I’m doing a lot of family research in your area and any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached at
Thank You
John W. Moss III