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Bilenky Cycle Works over in Olney

bilenky cycle works


A Continuous Lean has profiled the custom bike shop Bilenky Cycle Works, a fabricator of custom bikes very much in the spirit of high craftsmanship.  The blog, based on men’s high fashion and finely crafted American wares, is very hip.  Of course it’s put out a guide to Fishtown.  Of course I read it religiously.  When I initially saw the profile a month ago, I filed it away figuring it was in Fishtown, or Kensington or something.  I knew it wasn’t in my own back yard, and I didn’t realize until watching the video that it was in my neighbor’s back yard.  Bilenky Cycle Works is sitting next door in Olney.


Bicycling Magazine: Bilenky Cycle Works from Andrew David Watson on Vimeo.


So many things sit right under your nose in this city.  This is yet another one of those unique places.

[link] Bilenky Cycle Works Facebook Page