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Incredible Things Happening in Overington Park

By Diane Kunze

There are incredible things happening in Overington Park. This past Saturday we dedicated our new shed and the next day we had water service installed in the park. A Thank You goes out to the 30 people who attended the dedication over the weekend, and helped move us into the new space.

The help from Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, our Councilwoman, Maria foop and friendsQuinones-Sanchez, State Senator James Clay, City Rising Manny Citron, the Frankford High School JR ROTC, Frankford Garden Club, Friends of Overington Park, and the surrounding community have made this happen. We have dreamed for years that one day we could have a building for our equipment and a good water source, that day has arrived!

Now it’s time for new dreams to make Overington Park even better. We need everyone’s help to move forward with our park and lay out a plan for it’s future. Please join us at our next meeting on April 3rd at 7pm at the Frankford Historical Society, 1507 Orthodox St., or the Mayor’s clean up on Saturday April 13th from 10 till 1. Bring your positive ideas with you.

Once again, because it can not be said enough, Thank You! Diane Kunze, Friend of Overington Park

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  1. I didn’t know that getting the water installed was imminent. I wonder if that was another last minute thing.

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