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Northeast EPIC Stakeholders Group Meeting March 28th

It was a packed house at 2nd Baptist Church on Thursday, March 28th.  Pasta (provided by the 2nd Baptist award winning culinary IMG_1904e resizedteatm) was on the menu and a program including:

  • Many Citron from PhillyRising with an update on the Citizens Engagement Academy which is starting on April 24th at St. Marks.  This is an 8 week course for community leaders or those who look to become leaders.  It will show you how to use the city to provide the services that you and your neighborhood are entitled to receive.
  • Carol Rogers presented the case being made by Healthy Philadelphia for the need for a new or expanded health care center in this area of the city.
  • Laura Wagner gave an update on First Home Care upcoming activities.

The next meeting of the Northeast EPIC Stakeholders Group will be on April 25th at 2nd Baptist Church, 1801 Meadow Street, at 5:30 PM.