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News from the Friends of Overington Park

The Friends of Overington Park met at the Historical Society of Frankford building on Tuesday April 3rd to plan for both short term and long term for the park.

  • Overington will participate in the citywide cleanup on Saturday April 13 from 10AM till 1PM.  Volunteers are needed to help out and a large group is expected from Ursinus College and well as from the Frankford High School Junior ROTC.  Rep Clay is sending a supply of pretzels for the volunteers.
  • Easter week the park was damaged by vandals.  Plants were ripped up, trash cans overturned and some railroad ties were taken out.
  • The Facebook page is now up and running ( and will be maintained with reports of events.
  • The water supply was installed the day after the tool shed grand opening.  It is housed within the took shed and will make maintenance a great deal easier.
  • Councilwoman Sanchez has agreed to assist in having electricity supplied to the tool shed.  In addition she is working to have some of the lights in the park repositioned to provide better lighting.
  • There will be 2 movie events this summer.  The owner of the adjacent apartment building, Phillip Balderson,  has agreed to match the donation made by Rep. Clays office to fund these events.
  • The groups will have regular work days in the summer to maintain the park.  Starting in June, they will be on Tuesdays from 9 to 11 AM.  Volunteers are welcome and needed.
  • The group will begin developing a master plan for future development.

The next Friends of Overington Park meeting will be held in the park by the tool shed on May 1st at 7PM.

4 thoughts on “News from the Friends of Overington Park

  1. Thank you whoever is responsible for getting the fence installed between the park and the apt blding. It keeps the drug activity down in the park and Pilling Street. A big Thank You!! Joseph Garvey

  2. Phil Balderson, the owner of the apartment building, made the repairs. I forgot to mention that in the story. He had previously told me that when they took over the building (November 2012), they spent a lot of time trying to remove some of those drug problems that were living there. He seems committed to keeping it clean. He also owns the building next to the old Y.

  3. Hey Joe did you have a sister named Cheryl who lived on Hedge st back in the 60’s

  4. Cheryl is my cousin. Sadly, her brother Steven passed away last month. I lived on Hedge Street as a child. Look me up on Facebook and I can get you her contact info.

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