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Destination Frankford

ArtPlace America Announces 2013/2014 Grants

Full report at this link.

Fifty-four organizations learned today that they are recipients of a substantial monetary award from ArtPlace America to support their work in creative placemaking in communities across the U.S. ArtPlace America awarded a total of $15.2 million to 54 projects using the arts to transform 44 communities (and a statewide project in the state of Connecticut).

ArtPlace America is a collaboration of leading national and regional foundations, banks and federal agencies committed to accelerating creative placemaking – putting art at the heart of a portfolio of strategies designed to revitalize communities. This is the third cycle of grants awards by the collaboration. With this round of grants, ArtPlace America has awarded a total of $42.1 million in 134 grants to 124 organizations in 79 communities across the U.S. (and a statewide project in Connecticut).

“ArtPlace America recognizes the central role arts and cultural activities can have in the revitalization of American cities.” Said Rip Rapson, chair of ArtPlace America’s Presidents’ Council. “With this grant award ArtPlace America is directing individual project support to scores of creative, high-impact projects throughout the country.”

“ArtPlace America is also continuing to break new ground in drawing together some of the nation’s leading foundations to think — in a concerted way — about how these kind of projects can become more widespread.” Continued Rapson.

This year, grants will support creative placemaking in:

• Bringing new life to rural communities
• Helping communities imagine new futures
• Activating public space
• Integrating art and design into creative citymaking
• Connecting and animating communities
• Creating new anchor institutions
• Sparking redevelopment
• Providing artists housing and workspace
• Strengthening business and the economy
• Developing civic brand stories
• Stretching established cultural institutions

The 54 organizations that received grants were selected from over 1200 applications. Inquiries came from all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia. Grant amounts range from $750,000 to $33,000 with an average grant size of just over $280,000.

Destination Frankford $ 335,150
Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC) Philadelphia, PA

Through the creation of a vibrant public space, artfully designed signage and street furniture, a storefront dedicated to local artists, and an arts-focused marketing campaign, Destination Frankford will increase exposure to Frankford’s growing arts scene, add vibrancy to Frankford’s commercial corridor, and attract new artists, businesses, and residents to Frankford.