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Help Fight to Keep St. a Catholic Church Open in Frankford

From Janet Bernstein

Maryanne Siefert, a dedicated St Joachim volunteer and Frankford Garden Club member is calling for support in the effort to keep St Joachim open.   I am forwarding a petition to Phila Archbishop Chaput at this link.

This Sunday, June 9th, St Joachim is holding a meeting after the 10:30am Mass to decide what to do next in the fight to stay open.

Please consider signing the petition and/or attending the meeting! We don’t want to lose another important piece of the Frankford community structure!

Please read the letter from Maryanne below for details

Thank you,

Janet Bernstein

To Everyone,

The Archdiocese is closing all the Catholic churches in Frankford.  That includes Mater Dolorosa and St. Joachim. St. Joachim’s is an anchor in the Frankford community and has been for 168 years. We are coming together to change this decision. On Sunday June 9th at the 10:30 Mass, Father Steve will be honored as chaplain of the 15th Police District. Local civic and business leaders have been invited and the press will be there. We need many people to come and support this effort if you care about our Frankford community. It is not just about St. Joachim’s.

It is about having the Catholic church present in Frankford. We serve this community by feeding the poor. We bury the homeless, and help anyone that comes to our door. So please come on Sunday June 9th – 10:30 AM, St. Joachim Catholic Church, 1527 Church St. Also please join our Facebook Group – St. Joachim Frankford.

Thank you,

Maryanne Seifert