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High School Students Can Build Boats

Below you will see an ad for the Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory.  What does this have to do with Frankford?   First it is located in the Globe Dye Works, right here in Frankford and second Brett Hart, the Executive Director,  grew up in Frankford and attended Frankford Friends School.   More importantly it is aimed at high school students who might need a boost.  Given our demographics, there has to be a large number of kids, both boys and girls, who would benefit from this experience.

The Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory is a maritime education organization whose mission is to engage urban teens in hands-on boatbuilding and on-water programming to nurture the problemsolving, communication, and collaboration skills needed to become confident, capable adults.

For may kids this is a trans-formative experience.  Have look below and go to their website.

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