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Frankford Grom Grabs The Gold Cup

On Saturday, October 5th, the Philly Cup Series Jam finals commenced at Franklin Paine Skateboard Park in downtown center city near the Art Museum.  It was hot steamy day in the city when local Frankford resident John Valentin won the Philly Cup Jam Series Championship Trophy and a $100.00 gift card to Zumeiz store. This award goes to the person in each division with the overall highest total points from the four competitions throughout the Philly Cup Jam. John Valentin was in the Grom division (12 and under). He represented Frankford area from Whitehall/Carmella Playground at Torresdale and Wakeling Street.

winnersFour competitions were held throughout the summer located all over the city. Last month, the competition was held at our very own Whitehall/Carmella Playground where he placed 1st in his division.  The Philly Cup Jam Series are part of the Department of Recreation programs for the city. Also, sponsored and donations are provided by: Franklin Paine Skateboard Fund, Glacier Vitamin Water, Zumeiz store, Tork Trucks, Powell & Peralta Skateboards, Black Diamond, One Skateboard company and more from past competitions.

Congratulations to our Gold Cup winner John Valentin (blue shirt in the picture to the left). Let’s wish him luck in his future endeavors while he skateboards and flips for Frankford.
Special thanks to the volunteers who kept the Franklin Paine Skate park clean of leaves and debris during the competition to make for a safe and happy skateboard turf for all the riders and spectators.

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  1. way to go John Valentin FKD BABY congrats make Frankford proud

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