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PSA Meeting Talks Drugs

Officer Heather Andrews conducted the PSA meeting on December 19th.  Twelve residents turned out which is pretty good given it is the holiday season.

  • The police are meeting with the owners of the Kinsey Street Cafe at Kinsey and Ditman St. to discuss ways for the bar to solve some of the ongoing problems that have plagued the neighborhood for some time.  The owner is willing to work with the police in finding a solution.  Should that effort prove unsuccessful, legal options will then be invoked.
  • Problems at the Happy Garden at Oxford near Frankford are ongoing with the drug dealers using it as a hang out.  Arrests are being made.
  • At Foulkrod and Frankford the drug guys are back after crawling away following a shooting a few months ago.
  • A vacant house on the 4700 block of Griscom is being used by drug dealers.  The corner is once again moving to out of control status.
  • “loosey” salesmen are selling to school students at the Margaret El station.
  • K2 and artifical marijuana by other names is again available on the Avenue.  Kids think its safe since its legal in some states but not in PA or NJ.  It is far worse then the real thing.  Officer Andrews explained some of the problems in enforcing the laws against its sale.
  • There have been some thefts from cars in Northwood.  The criminals just walk down the street and check for unlocked doors.  They have been recorded on home video surveillance systems.
  • Sanya Brown,  Frankford’s new PhillyRising coordinator announced that there would be a monthly meeting for community members to get together to discuss opportunities, date and time to be announced.

The next meeting for PSA1 will be on January 16th at 7PM at Aria Hospital.