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Dawkins Launches Campaign

 Jason Dawkins announced his candidacy for the 179th District seat of the Pennsylvania General Assembly. He is seeking the Democratic nomination for State Representative of the District encompassing the Frankford, Feltonville, Olney, Oxford Circle, Mayfair and Wissinoming neighborhoods.

 “I’m ready to lead this community in the right direction,” said Jason. “Residents of the 179th have been underserved for too long.  I’m excited about this race and looking forward to continuing my service to my family, neighbors and community partners.”

Born and bred in the Frankford community, Jason Dawkins is an expert on recreation-based development and community engagement.  Throughout his tenure as senior legislative aide in Philadelphia City Council, Jason led the redevelopment of 9 recreational facilities to previously underserved neighborhoods, totaling more than $4 million in capital funding.   In addition to his service in City Council, Jason has built a reputation for volunteerism, customer service and being on the front lines of addressing community problems.  Jason was featured in 2012 Daily News story as a leader in efforts to revitalize Frankford.

He anticipates a high-energy race with a sharp focus on issues that most impact residents of the 179th, including education, public safety and jobs.  According to Jason, this race is the natural progression of years of service and dedication to the District, as well as genuine care and love for residents that he considers family.

“The reason I am running for office is simple – our current representative is not experienced to lead our community into a future that’s productive, vibrant and viable,” Jason continued.  “I believe I’m the best candidate that’s here – willing to listen, understand and respond to the concerns of residents of the 179th.”

 The campaign will host an Announcement Rally on Saturday, January 18, 12:00pm – 2:00pm, at The Frankford Boys and Girls Club, 1709 Kinsey Street.

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  1. This is welcome news. The perfect person for that office.

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