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PSA Meeting for January 2014

Officer Andrews once again presided over the PSA meeting on Thursday night, January 16th.  There were about 15 residents attending.

  • The club at 4721 Oxford remains closed with the candy striped notice on the doors although people notice lights on the second floor from time to time.  Numerous L&I violations need to be addressed.
  • Police are continuing to keep the pressure on the take out store next to the Donuts Queen on Oxford Avenue.  It is a focus of drug activity.
  • Drug sales a also happening up Oxford Avenue between Foulkrod and Leiper and on the 4700 block of Griscom St.
  • The new take out store on Griscom between Foulkrod and Oxford is doing a booming business in loosies.  They may not be aware that it is illegal.
  • It was reported at the PhillyRising meeting the month that the laundromat on Harrison at Tackawanna is a drug center.  Pressure from police has force the activity inside the building.
  • There is a huge sinkhole undermining the sidewalk on the 4700 block of Tacony Street.  Residents have been trying to find the responsible party to fix it.  Sanya Brown, PhillyRising coordinator volunteered to look into it and report back at the next meeting.

There was also a discussion of real time crime cameras and how many are in use in Frankford.  Those are actively monitored by the police but there are relatively few throughout the city.  

The next PSA meeting will be on February 12th at 7PM at Aria Hospital.  If you have crime issues and do not see them mentioned here, come to the meeting and talk to the police in person.  It makes a difference.