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I Am The Summer Intern For The Gazette!

1510774_3859200695620_1686528268_n Internships. Hard work, everyday, no pay, during summer vacation; it’s every high schooler’s dream. Sarcasm aside, Journalism really is my dream, and the community of Frankford is the perfect place to start following my own yellow brick road.

This small corner in the city of Philly has been my home for my entire life, all seventeen and a half years. Though it wasn’t featured in a Will Smith song and Frankford Avenue is no Market Street, this neighborhood still has a lot to offer. At the Gazette, I will use all of my experience in and outside of the community to show readers just that.

As an elementary school student, I attended Frankford Friends on Orthodox Street. My mother, for a time, worked right across the street at the Frankford CDC. Even after she left that job and I transferred schools, my family and I continued to attend St. Joachim Catholic church. Now our membership is with Holy Innocents but our faith will always have roots here in Frankford. Later in life, my path would bring me right back to this neighborhood. At fourteen I began to work at Cramer’s, the family owned uniform store on Frankford Avenue. Four years later I have found my place in Frankford once again at the Gazette. No matter how long my internship here lasts, I know my time with Frankford will never be done.

As a student at Julia R. Masterman, I have been exploring my many interests in and outside of school. An athlete since preschool, I continue to play both soccer and tennis. Also a lover of languages, I hope to improve my fluency in French and later perhaps develop skills in other languages. And of course, a writer at heart I take every possible opportunity I can to work on my skills in the written word and to gain experience in the field of Journalism.

Though young and new to the field, I hope to use my age to bring new energy and perspective to the paper, and my inexperience will only motivate my curiosity. I hope my addition to the staff at the Frankford Gazette benefits both the community and the paper. And over this summer as my relationship with the community continues to grow, I hope the hard work, everyday, with no pay, during my summer vacation turns into the dream I know it can be.

4 thoughts on “I Am The Summer Intern For The Gazette!

  1. I met Ms. Kioko (Ana) at an event in the local park where she interviewed our students and staff. Ana’s questions were intuitive and insightful, and inspired great conversation. I haven’t read the article yet (I don’t think it’s published yet), but I’m impressed by this young journalist, making valuable contributions today, with a bright, future.

  2. Thank you so much Mr. Hart, the compliments are much appreciated and it was my pleasure to interview all of you. If you haven’t seen the article yet here it is. I hope I did the Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory justice.

  3. Good Luck Ms. Kioko with your journalism and perhaps one day we will meet at some interesting event in the Frankford Community

  4. The Gazette and I thank you for your support Ms. Hassan. And I’d love to one day meet you and other enthusiastic Frankford residents!

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