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Northwood Civic To Restore Benches at Northwood Park

At the Northwood Civic meeting on August 19th, the Association laid out its plan to rebuild the deteriorating benches in Northwood park at Foulkrod St. And Castor Avenue.Funding has been approved by the board and materials are being acquired to do the work.  They would also like to work on the steps going into the park but the cost at this point is prohibitive.  In addition, picnic tables. would be nice and they are looking into that.

Other issues discussed at the meeting:

  • Dumping at the lot by the Kmart is still going on as well as on Adams Avenue behind the Bridge.
  • Residents are cautioned about cutting done trees on the sidewalk.  You need a permit and it has to be approved the the fair mount Park Commission.
  • Truck parking seems to be under control with atom McAvoy patrolling and promptly reporting violators.
  • No news on repairs to the building at Simpson playground.
  • Residents of the 4700 block of Ramona Avenue are asking for a letter of support from the Northwood Civic Association in a possible suit against the owner of three properties on their block that are being rented in the deed restricted area.  In that situation, the owners of the other properties must file suit against the offending owner.
  • Complaints about the condition of the street at Adams Avenue and Orthodox Street were many.

The next meeting of the Northwood Civic Association will be held on Tuesday, September 16th at 7PM at St. James Lutheran Church.