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30 New Cops Coming to the 15th District

Captain John McCloskey attended the PSA1 meeting on August 28th and announced that 30 new police officers will be assigned to the 15th district.  He went on to lay out some of his plans for how he will use the increase in manpower.  The bicycle patrols in Frankford will resume.  Two officers will be assigned as quality of life patrol officers specifically targeting problems in Bridesburg and up around Lincoln High School.


In followup to the June meeting (the July meeting was cancelled by the police):

  • The issue of the moveable video cameras on Worth Street was investigated by Lt. Ryan.
  • There has been improvement on Trenton Avenue as a result of police activity.
  • The police will be looking into a business on Church Street for possible illegal activity.
  • A resident who complained about trucks on her street found that signs prohibiting trucks traffic had been put up shortly after the meeting but they truckers are ignoring them.  The captain said he would make sure some are ticketed in the future to send a message that the regulation would be enforced.
  • 4721 Oxford Avenue was closed down for use as a club and no activity should be going on there however it is being used now as a tee shirt shop.  L7I says it is up to the police. The police say they want the new shop to be warned they have to cease operation before they go in and shut them down.

McCloskey said they are continuing to keep the pressure on the prostitution activity on Frankford avenue. The “sting” operations have been effective in which the police use one of their female officers to attract offers from men who are then arrested and their vehicles are confiscated.  That kind of penalty creates a deterrence especially when their names are published in the media.

Frankford and Foulkrod is getting hot again with drug dealers moving back onto the intersection.  The police of focusing on keeping that area free and safe for the residents.

Joe Krause, President of Northwood Civic, thanked the police for their prompt response to the home invasion last month on Wakeling Street.  One of the individuals was shot and killed by the responding officer after he fired his weapon at him.  The second individual is still a fugitive.

Attendance at this meeting was about 25 but would have been greater if it was not for the confusion about the dates.  The police web site listed the date as August 29th.  The next meeting of PSA1 will be on September 25th at 7PM at Aria Hospital.  That is confirmed by the Captain.  Look for John Loftus’ report on this meeting in the Northeast Times when it becomes available.