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Verdell Office Move Prompts Outcry from Frankford


Proposed location of take out chicken store at Oxford and Griscom

Residents attending the Frankford Civic Association meeting on September 4th expressed their frustration at the problems caused by the relocation of the Clarence Verdell Suboxone clinic from 4949 Frankford Avenue to a new location at 4606 Frankford Avenue.  A long line of clients has been gathering outside the location daily blocking the sidewalk.

Jason Dawkins, Democratic candidate for 179th district State House of Representatives, noted that most of the Frankford Avenue business corridor is zoned CMX-2 which means that almost any business can open up with no approval needed from the community.  Kim Washington, of the Frankford CDC, told the group that discussions are underway that will call for a change in the zoning of areas of Frankford to address this problem but it will cannot be solved overnight.  Meanwhile, residents called for strict enforcement of existing regulations that will help alleviate the problems of crowds on the sidewalk and disorderly behavior.

The meeting also took up the issue of the proposed take out chicken store at Oxford Avenue and Griscom Street which is now under construction.  Last year the owner approached the Civic with a proposal to open the store and residents made it clear that they would oppose that type of business.  The owner withdrew the application and later proposed a coffee shop for the location.  When residents were told of that proposal, they voiced approval.  Now that the new zoning code is in effect, since the property is zoned CMX-2, the owner does not legally need community approval and has decided to move ahead with take out chicken.  This has outraged local neighbors who expect to see the business turn into another hang out for drug dealers.  The neighbors have vowed to fight.

The next Frankford Civic Association meeting will be held on Thursday, October 2nd, at 7PM at Aria Hospital.