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Overington Park’s Big Weekend!

What a great weekend in Overington Park! Friday night October 17th we had 70 people show up in our park to watch the LEGO Movie, sponsored by our State Rep. James Clay and the Friends Of Overington Park. We gave out popcorn and chips, and watched the film. Every bench was filled and blankets were overflowing with families having a good time in their neighborhood. This was our rain date for our summer movie that was washed out. The weather was on our side this weekend. With a little chill in the air, we came together and enjoyed a good evening of fun and fellowship.overington park

Saturday October 18th we held our annual Fall Festival from 12 to 3pm. We gave away 125 pumpkins in our pumpkin patch, to any child that could find their little orange treasure, under the straw. Soft pretzels, and popcorn kept everyone full while they played the games developed by our own SMA (seasonal maintenance assistant).

We had a cardboard castle for the little ones to play in, and picture taking through the rose windows. Parents were grateful for something fun and free in their neighborhood for their families to enjoy, and we, the Friends of Overington Park (FOOP) were pleased to have so many good people attend our event.Special thanks to the Frankford High School’s JR ROTC.  We would be lost without them!

There was a art station for printing a Fall bookmark or card to take home. We gave away plants started by our FOOP vice president to any gardeners that attended. At the end of the event small bags of candy and toys, (150) were given to each child attending the Festival. All in all the day was a big success! 

Diane Kunze, president, Friends of Overington Park