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Northwood Civic Meeting for October

Residents learned at the Northwood Civic Association meeting on October 21st that the owners of 5050 Oxford Avenue plan to rent rooms in violation of the Northwood deed restriction.  That is cause for concern and the Civic will assist those neighbors who plan to oppose the move.

Old issues were discussed:

  • Northwood park is looking good after the Civic repaired the old benches.  Soon to be available are some of those boxes that will hold plastic bags for those folks who are walking dogs and forgot to bring their own to clean up after the pooch.
  • More residents are needed at the PSA meeting to represent Northwood interests.
  • The Civic continues to send letters to real estate companies who are selling property in Northwood advising them of the deed restriction to make them aware of what can be done in Northwood.   This can help eliminate confusion with buyers who say they are unaware.
  • The flag has been replaced at the War memorial at Frankford stadium.  It was tattered and they key to the lock that allowed it to be taken down was lost.  The new flag is smaller but looks a lot better.
  • No truck parking enforcement is a constant battle says Tom McAvoy, president of the Northwood Town Watch.  Residents are encouraged to call 911 to report violations. This may seem futile but it is a violation and calling help raise the visibility of the issue.

State Representative John Taylor spoke about some of his recent initiatives.  His web site is very good and you can keep fully informed by checking in there.  You can find it at this link,  He also mentioned that his satellite office is open at Simpson Playground every Thursday from 5 to 7PM.  This is your opportunity to talk to him or someone on his staff about your issues.

Some residents have asked Joe Krause about excessive noise and is it a crime that can be reported to 911.  Joe investigated and found the statute.  The noise has to be 5 decibels above the normal noise level between 9PM and 8AM.  Your day time noise is normal but at night you have a right to sleep.  So if you think your neighbors noise qualifies, call 911.

There will be a presentation by Joe Menkevich and Debbie Klak at the Historical Society of Frankford on deed restrictions.  Since Northwood has deed restrictions it would be of interest to many. The meeting is on Tuesday, November 11th at 7:30 PM.

Nominations for the board of the Northwood Civic Association were taken for voting at the November meeting.  That meeting will be on Tuesday, November 18th at St. James Lutheran church at 7PM.