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PSA Meeting for December

There was no police presence and no explanation as to why they were not at the meeting on December 18th at Aria Hospital.  Residents attending were not happy.  The group discussed issues among themselves.

One long time resident reports there is a new generation of drug salesmen at Filmore and Tackawanna.  Another resident reported that the teens that had been hanging behind the houses on the 1300 block of Foulkrod have not turned up again since it was reported at the last meeting.  Thanks to the police for taking action.

The next PSA! meeting listed on the 15th district web site is January 15th.  However, Pete Specos, PSA1 coordinator,  announced that it will be on January 22nd.  When we get that straightened out we’ll post a notice.

We looked back over this year to see what the level of police participation has been at the PSA meetings.  The results are listed below.

December  – no police
November – cancelled
October – Captain McCloskey
September – Captain McCloskey
August –  Captain McCloskey
July – cancelled
June – Captain McCloskey
May – no police
April – no police till 8PM when Lt Burton showed up late
March – Captain McCloskey
February – no record (was showing it scheduled for 2/12 but then nothing must have been cancelled)
January – Officer Andrews