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Northwood Civic January Meeting

Joe Krause, President of the Northwood Civic, opened the meeting on January 20th, with the treasurer’s report.

A donation was made before Christmas by the Civic to a family who had a significant loss in a burglary in November.  State Representative, Jason Dawkins, also made a donation of toys to the children in the family, since their gifts were also stolen.  Krause noted that there are not a lot of burglaries in Northwood but residents should be vigilant and always keeps your doors and windows locked.

The problem with the “ad hoc” car lot on the 900 block of Foulkrod Street continues.  The police are being called whenever those untagged cars are parked in the area.

Tom McAvoy, President of the Northwood Town Watch, reported that Councilwoman Sanchez will introduce legislation that will ban truck parking throughout Northwood.  Tom met Sanchez at a recent meeting on the Land Bank program, and talked to her about the problem.  She was happy to help and told his exactly what was needed.

The water department will be doing major construction on Adams Avenue to replace water pipes.  They are being invited to a meeting to explain to residents the timing and exactly what it will involve.  It may be done during the Summer.  They have been doing the same on Orthodox since the Fall.  The section West of Frankford Avenue up to Penn Street is complete and now they are working East of Frankford Avenue near Torresdale.  The date of the meeting will be announced when it is confirmed.

Residents on the 1200 block of Arrott Street have been living with a problem tenant who caused a fire that took down one house there.  They are naturally concerned about the situation since he remains on the block.  Drugs are at the heart of the issue.

The next meeting of the Northwood Civic Association will be on February 17th at 7PM at St. James Lutheran Church.