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PSA1 Meeting for February

There was a small turnout of residents February 26th at the PSA meeting but the police were there in force.  Captain McCloskey, New Lt. Gordon, Officer Lewis, Community Relations officer Jacobs and SEPTA Sgt. Cavalarro were all present.

The Frankford Deli, despite being a hub of drug sale activity is sill open.  You might think that finding a half million dollars of pot on the premises would raise some red flags with the DA and L&I so that it should be put out of business would be enough.  No, not in Philadelphia.  It usually takes a few gallons of innocent blood on the streets.

The 1600 block of Foulkrod is still drug city.  Suburbanites continue to fuel this business.  They come to Frankford for our high quality merchandise.  At one time it was textiles but now its marijuana and WET.  The salesmen are often juveniles who have an easier time getting out after arrest.  Its also no problem replacing them.

The 5000 block of Griscom continues to be plagued by residents of three properties using, selling and otherwise being substandard neighbors.

In Northwood, the Ad Hoc mobile used car lot continues to play hide and seek with their cars, stashing them on local streets. The police are working to have ore of them towed.  That does put a dent in their operation but they continue to come back again and again.  You have to admire their tenacity.

General discussion about crime prevention the officers brought up surveillance cameras.  They believe it would be helpful to have more cameras in the businesses on the 4700 block of Frankford Avenue.  As officer Lewis said, back in the old days, if you asked somebody for information they would often say meet me around the corner.  These days people are afraid to talk about anything at all.  The cameras kind of get people off the hook.  They are always on and always recording.  The police look at the video and the business owner never has to say a word.  A sub committee of the Frankford Civic is working toward the goal of educating business owners about the benefits of going with the SafeCam program.  Part of the cost of installation can be reimbursed by the city.

If you noticed the police car on the corner of Arrott and Penn, it is there to keep an eye of a problem area and is also supporting a foot patrol.

So far this year  – two homicides with one of the perpetrators under arrest.  There are some others pending.

The next meeting of the PSA1 group will be on March 26th at 7PM at Aria Hospital.