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Frankford Library to Close Till June 19th

The Frankford library has had to close 50 days over the last 2 years due to problems with the heating or cooling systems and that is a big problem.  The solution is to replace the equipment and its going to happen starting on Monday April 6th.  The quarter of a million dollar HVAC replacement project is scheduled to be completed on June 19th, if everything goes as planned.

In addition, since the library will be closed there is an opportunity to make some other upgrades as yet to be planned.  Also on the horizon for the library this summer is the possibility of funding to upgrade the WiFi.  At present it would be generous to call it slow.  That would be a major improvement since many users bring their own equipment to access the internet.

Library users are being notified this week about their options for service.  While the library is closed, signage on the front windows will refer customers to the proper location to return books, find computers to use, etc.

Yet to be decided is the issue of using the library as a polling place.  The facility may not be acceptable for that use while under renovation.  An announcement will be made when the decision is reached on that issue.

We’ll post updates as they become available.